Busted! Don’t Believe These Asbestos or Mould Myths!

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The Canadian government may have banned the use of asbestos in building material, unfortunately, several structures still contain the health hazard. Mould, on the other hand, is something that grows if there’s too much trapped humidity and dampness.

Both asbestos and mould can be hazardous to health with prolonged exposure and illnesses can range from coughing and fever to abdominal cancer and lung diseases. However, while the dangers of asbestos and mould should be known, there are several misconceptions about how hazardous the materials are and how they should be treated.

As experts in the field, Azbest Environmental wants to help you steer clear of the numerous misconceptions that exist, and to do so, we have debunked three of the most widely believed myths about asbestos and mould.

Myth 1: Bleach removes mould.

This is not true! Bleach only removes the color from the mould and does not penetrate the surface. So for a short time, it is gone however it will return. The affected material needs to be entirely removed under proper conditions by a professional.

Myth 2: Asbestos-containing insulation/vermiculite is dangerous if it touches the skin.

Asbestos is only harmful when inhaled, and a one-time small dose is not harmful. However, asbestos is toxic in small doses over a long period of time. Like asbestos, vermiculite is something that needs to be removed only by professionals.

Myth 3: Black mould is the only dangerous mould.

This is not true! People react differently to various types and colors of mould. Any color or type of mould should be removed and post that air quality should be tested to ensure a safe living environment.

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